Rainier.Film List of Films Accepted for 2018

All Quiet on the HomeFront

Student Film | 25 min | Directed by Harjus Singh, USA

Based on the true story of Bhagat Singh Thind, one of the first Asian-Americans from India, who fought in the US Army during WW1. He comes back from the war and is discharged because a new law revokes the citizenship of Non-Caucasians. 

At What Price

Short Documentary | 10:46 min | Directed by Tommy Day, USA

Professional adventure and climbing photographer John Price explores the myth of the perfect life that's so pervasive in social media. Set in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies this film ponders how to strike the balance as an artist between self promotion and authenticity.


Short Narrative | 12 min | Directed by Celine Held, Logan George, UK

An estranged son discovers an alarming purchase made by his late father.


Short Documentary | 6 min | Directed by Randy Kerr, USA

Set in the Pacific Northwest, three brothers find refuge and redemption from a troubled home through their love of fly fishing for steelhead and the enduring relationships they forge on the river.


Narrative - Musical | 58 min | Directed by Aaron Alon, USA

BULLY is a new dramatic musical about Sam Bradley, a young man who commits suicide after being repeatedly bullied in school. The story follows Sam and the lives of those around him in the days leading up to and following his suicide.

Cups & Robbers

Short Narrative | 5 min | Directed by Jim Simone, USA

A restaurant robbery goes awry when they forget to lock the door.

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey

Documentary | 95 min | Directed by Dave O’Leske, USA

Fred Beckey is the original American “Dirtbag” climber whose name has evoked mystery, adulation and vitriol since the 1940s. The groundbreaking life story of this rebel athlete, who inspired generations with his monumental first ascents, eloquent books and the lifestyle he fearlessly pioneered, is told for the  first time in this exclusive documentary film. 

Do No Harm

Short Narrative | 8 min | Directed by Marielle Woods, USA

A short film about a combat medic attempting to hold on to humanity in the midst of a war much bigger than himself. A medic's job is to fix people up, but how does that obligation reconcile with someone who is trained to fight and may be asked to kill? 

Don't Be Afraid

Short Narrative | 20 min | Directed by Lakshmi Devy, India

Daro Mat revolves around the less spoken about Indian Girl. The indian girl who is smart and yet devoid of opinions as ' having an opinion' was never an option. The movie depicts her strength portrayed by simple thoughts.

Earth Seasoned #GapYear

Documentary | 75 min | Directed by Molly Kreuzman, USA

Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, and short-term memory problems, Tori finds her greatest teacher in nature, spending a “gap year” living semi-primitively with four other young women in the Oregon Cascade Mountains.

Empty Platform - Lose You

Short Narrative | 4 min | Directed by Mackenzie Glisson, USA

Lose You is an electronic/ambient song off of Nathaniel Closen's electronic name, Empty Platform. The music video will be a story of a young man who gets high, and through a series of flashbacks and some foreshadowing, the story is revealed of how he wreaks havoc and causes pain in the lives of those he loves.

Georgia O'Keefe and Me

Short Narrative | 6 min | Directed by Robert Belinoff, USA

Love and art in the age of Trump. 
Chaos and order compete as a married man falls for an artist ingenue. Art prevails.

Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story

Documentary | 86 min | Directed by James Lester, USA

“Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story” peels back the curtain to reveal the sexy sub-culture of the neo-burlesque scene in New York City. This verité documentary intimately follows four performers, each of whom has discovered a newfound identity and belonging in a world of bawdy comedy and striptease. “Getting Naked” explores what it means to be an artist, an entertainer, and a woman in the toughest city on Earth. 

Good Karma: An Immigrant Story

Documentary | 64 min | Directed by Kevin and Brian Flint, Nepal

Inspired into action after a deadly earthquake devastates his native Nepal, a successful Wall Street analyst living the American dream returns home to help rebuild his ravaged country and create social change.

Hotel Room

Student FIlm | 11 min | Directed by Calla Videt, USA

A woman arrives at a hotel room contemplating an irreversible act. In the hotel room, the parallel paths of strangers begin to collide.


Short Documentary | 17 min | Directed by Mike Scholtz, Japan/USA

A mild-mannered artist from Minnesota leads a double life as a baby-eating professional wrestler in Japan.

Little Pink House

Narrative | 99 min | Directed by Courtney Moorehead Balaker, USA

Based on a true story, a small-town paramedic named Susette Kelo leaves a bad marriage, and starts over in a new town. She buys a rundown cottage with a gorgeous water view. She fixes it up and paints it pink. Then she discovers powerful politicians want to bulldoze her blue-collar neighborhood for the benefit of a multi-billion dollar corporation... 

Little Rebel

Short Documentary | 10 min | Directed by Aimie Vallat, USA

Little Rebel follows the extraordinary story of Isatou Jallow — a remarkable West African woman from The Gambia, and now Seattle resident. Since seeking asylum in the USA (2012), Isatou has pursued graduate degrees at the University Washington/UW Law School while she continuously advocates for women, asylees/refugees and people with disabilities.

Lovely Legs

Student Film | 10 min | Directed by Abby Thompson, USA

In a desperate attempt to start anew, a man living in the not-so-distant future transports his secret sex robot companion to a secluded forest for disposal.


Short Narrative | 10 min | Directed by Nell Teare, USA

LOVERS is a fictional short film which could just as well be fact. It is a dramatic love story and a mystery set in the City of Angels (Los Angeles). Will a serial killer strike again? Will law enforcement arrest the killer in time... ?


Short Narrative | 5:06 min | Directed by Zach Bainter, USA

Stoney Landers brings a new sport to the United States with hopes of putting the US on the map in the world class of motorcycle racing. Beginning with his son Rocco, he puts children on motorcycles and sends them out on the track to learn about life, love, and friendly competitiveness

Mixed Blood

Short Narrative | 23 min | Directed by Roy Arwas, USA

Alexia and Matt are hosting their very first Thanksgiving dinner. Both of their parents will be attending this years festivities. As if that wasn't stressful enough, Alexia's parents are vampires. Matt must do everything in his power to protect himself and his parents from Alexia's blood-sucking family

North & Nowhere

Short Narrative | 12 min | Directed by Scott Ballard, USA

A girl, a gun and a last chance.


Student Film | 21 min | Directed by Shilpi Shikha Agrawal, USA

When a manual scavenger cannot continue her work, her 11-year-old daughter picks up where the mother left off.

Poisoning Paradise

Documentary | 77 min | Directed by Keely Shaye Brosnan and Teresa Tico, USA

Journey to the seemingly idyllic world of Native Hawaiians, where communities are surrounded by experimental test sites and pesticides sprayed upwind of their neighborhoods. Poisoning Paradise details the ongoing struggle to advance bold new legislation governing the fate of their island home.


Short Documentary | 6 min | Directed by Katie Falkenberg, USA

Decades ago, poachers would set off explosives in the cool waters of this pool on a North Umpqua River tributary, killing steelhead by the dozens. That was before Lee Spencer, and his beloved dog, settled in to watch over the wild steelhead.

Sad Steve

Short Comedy | 10:30 min | Directed by Eric Shanks, USA

A newly single man struggles to find some precious alone time after a recent break-up.

Seven Blue 365

Short Narrative | 11:37 min | Directed by Joe Rechtman, USA

After borrowing her car for an audition, Emily’s boyfriend returns home visibly shaken and unnerved. Noticing his strange behavior almost immediately, Emily asks him what’s wrong, but he refuses to talk about it. When she presses him, he packs a bag, tells her it’s over, and walks out the door...

Shut Up Anthony

Narrative | 93 min | Directed by Kyle Eaton, USA

Anthony talks too much. A neurotic creative grinding out a living at a Portland ad firm, he loses his girlfriend, job and dignity over the course of a few days. With nothing else to do, Anthony flees to his family’s timeshare where he encounters Tim, an estranged family friend who is also an alcoholic theology professor. 

Soggy Flakes

Animation | 5 min | Directed by The Affolter Bros., Canada

In a low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-intolerant world, a group of out-of-work breakfast cereal mascots form a support group to lament the golden ages of yesteryear and figure out how to swallow the bitter taste of reality.

Somewhere Beautiful

Short Narrative | 3:35 min | Directed by Keith Rivers, USA

A woman in a hotel room talks herself through the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. 


Narrative | 90 min | Directed by Joe Maggio, USA

A young woman wakes up alone in a motel room. Her boyfriend has ditched her, leaving her with a few dollars, a toothbrush, racing leathers, and a supermoto motorcycle. She's just learned that she's pregnant. Thus begins the wild and strange adventure of Ruby Pink, queen badass and heroine of SUPERMOTO.

The Devil Needs a Fix

Short Narrative | 10 min | Directed by Ian Ebright, USA

An ambivalent reporter will get a big break if his interview with the Devil goes as planned. Blending the genres of dark comedy, drama, and fantasy, THE DEVIL NEEDS A FIX explores disconnectedness, longing, and the nature of fear.

The Hatred

Narrative | 60 min | Directed by John Law, aka John Adams, USA

The Adams Family is back!, and this time with a horror piece in which an orphaned young girl conjures an executed soldier back from the dead, and together they deliver hell in the Blackfoot territory of the late 1800’s.

The Last Interview

Short Narrative | 12 min | Directed by Jamie Wang, USA

A man sits for what he thinks is a normal job interview for a mysterious company he didn't apply for, only to realize the stakes couldn't be any higher.

The Secret Life of Muslims

Documentary | 75 min | Directed by Joshua Seftel, USA

Featuring a diverse set of American Muslims from a wide range of ethnic and national origins speaking directly to their own respective experiences, THE SECRET LIFE OF MUSLIMS illuminates the existing complexity and diversity of America’s 3.3 million Muslims, while pointing to a common shared humanity. The first season has been viewed more than 35 million times in our effort to contribute to a dialogue of tolerance and peace in contentious times.

The Tyranny of Distance

Short Documentary | 9 min | Directed by Gabriel Diamond and Matthew Beighley, Liberia

Fifteen years of civil war in Liberia has resulted in one of the world’s worst doctor shortages and cut off the country’s rural poor from basic healthcare. Community health workers trained and equipped by the non-profit Last Mile Health are working to deliver lifesaving health services to the 1.2 million Liberians living in the most remote reaches of the country.

The Undertaker's Son

Short Narrative | 14 min | Directed by The Affolter Bros, USA

Despite his desire to do anything but, Christopher Redding is attending work with his father for the first time to learn the macabre family business. When the duo is faced with a tragic death, Christopher is pushed to his breaking point revealing a deeper conflict that simmers just below the surface.

Trump's America

Short Narrative | 24 min | Directed by Peter Iliff, USA

When Frank, 40, a wise-cracking panhandler, is thrown out of affluent Royal Oaks, and dumped by police on L.A.’s Skid Row, a zealous reporter convinces Frank to return to Royal Oaks, provoke these cops to beat him up again, and this time get it on tape. But the plan goes horribly wrong, making this a provocative look at the growing homeless epidemic in Trump’s America. 

Underneath the Sound

Short Narrative | 13 min | Directed by Olga Nikulina, USA

"Underneath the sound" is a narrative short film about hearing loss told through perception of music. We follow the journey of a musician as his hearing deteriorates and hear music from his point of view. We also meet a child whose mom is not aware that her small son has a hearing problem and is about to miss the critical moment for his speech development.