La Loche

After a deadly school shooting in a remote Canadian aboriginal community took the lives of four people and injured seven others, a caring teacher sought to present a healing opportunity for the students. She asked a TV celebrity that the students admired, if he would consider coming on a canoe trip with 8 boys directly affected by the shooting. Les Stroud, creator and host of the international TV series Survivorman, boarded a plane for the far northern community of La Loche, Saskatchewan, with no agenda but to spend time with the students, in the greatest place of healing on earth; the wilderness. This is a story of how nature heals. It is an illustration of how young men and women born of aboriginal descent and living far away from the pollution and crime of big cities are, in actuality, no different than any teenager in society today. With one camera, a paddle and a desire to help, Stroud allows the young men to tell their own story. The stories of their lives, their town, the shooting and most importantly, of their hopes and dreams. We are allowed to witness as nature heals day by day on the canoe trip and begins the process of moving from fear and confusion to optimism and confidence. All the while set against a backdrop of the pristine, beautiful…and powerfully healing wilderness.