Films Accepted for RIFF 2019


A Quiet Force

Documentary | USA | Directors Hilary Byrne and Sophie Danison

Through individual experiences in tourism-driven mountain communities, ‘The Quiet Force” explores social and economic impacts of the Latino immigrant workforce relating to national immigration policies. Read more…

A Fresh Perspective

Documentary Short | USA | 11:38 min | Director Aaron Hose | Filmmaker in Attendance

In 2018, a group of African-Americans create the nation’s first-ever black beer festival, a historic event aiming to reshape the future of craft beer. Read more…


Animated Short | USA | 30 min | Director Major Jas Boothe | Filmmaker in Attendance

A mismatched quartet of not-so-honorably discharged veterans unleash the good, the bad and the dark side of patriotism on Hollywood. Read more…


Narrative Feature | USA | 90 min | Director Gregory Dixon

McKenzie Chinn stars as a struggling artist, navigating work and romance in the Windy City. When her boyfriend asks her to drop everything and move cross-country, she soon discovers that her biggest obstacle may be herself. Featuring quirky animation and a revelatory central performance, Olympia is a heartfelt story for anyone who’s ever felt adrift on the rough seas of adulthood. Read more…

Return to Mount Kennedy

Feature Documentary | USA | 80 min | Director Eric Becker | Filmmaker in Attendance

In 1965 Jim Whittaker led Senator Robert Kennedy to the first ascent of a remote mountain in the Yukon named after the late president, JFK. Fifty years later, the sons of the original climbing team—a raucous band manager, a candidate for governor, and a young mountaineer—embark on an expedition to the mountain to celebrate the special bond that connects them all.

This beautiful film is about family, friendship, loss and discovery. It’s raw, real and inspirational. Bobby Whittaker will be joining us for a Q & A after the film. Read more…


Documentary | USA | 67 min | Director Mike Scholtz

A group of friends meets once a year to draft celebrities they think might die. But while playing the game of death, they learn the value of life. Read more…

Sombra City

Short Narrative | UK | 10 min | Director Elias Plagianos

In the year 2037, a corporate assassin revisits a city lost in time and the love he left behind. Read more…

The Sacred Place Where Life Begins

Short Documentary | USA | 24:45 min | Directors Kristin Gates & Jeremy La Zelle

It's best to experience what you're fighting for. When two adventurers embark on a dangerous four-month expedition documenting the world’s longest land mammal migration through the Arctic Refuge of Alaska and Canada, they soon discover an incredible ecosystem protected by the Gwich’in Nation for more than 25,000 years, yet held on the precipice of collapse by resource development corporations. Read more

The Son, The Father

Horror Short | USA | 13:11 min | Director Lukas Hassel | Filmmaker in Attendance

The event on a young boy’s birthday has consequences far into the future for himself and his family. Read more…


Thriller Short | USA | 5:38 min | Director Shawn-Caulin Young | Filmmaker in Attendance

A psychological thriller about the dark underbelly of America’s highway system where a seemingly average middle-aged couple take desperate measures to have a child of their own. Based on terrifying true events. Read more…


Short Narrative | USA | 12 min | Director Parker Croft

For months Kira has been living out of her car in Venice, California. Today that changes. Read more…

Welcome to the Ball

Narrative Short | USA | 4:53 min | Director Adam Vincent Wright

A child learns sign language in hopes of making a new friend. Read more…