Mr. Sam

Today is a big day for Mr. Sam. Not only is he going to reveal to his mother that he’s finally found the love of his life but he’s also telling her that he’s gay. And that’s just the start to his day because Sam is in for a huge surprise. The long secret he’s managed to keep hidden from everyone will be revealed in the most dramatic of ways by his best friend Sandra. Luckily for Sam, all might not be lost. Sandra will reveal a secret of her own and that will lock the two of them in a twisted pact. Life, however is not that simple. Sam nearly breaks the pact and soon comes face to face with Sandra’s demon, leading to a confrontation with deadly consequences. Sam must now endure his own and Sandra’s hardships and in the end, secrets will remain buried; for now. For Sam, he can finally, without any repercussions, spend the rest of his life with the man he loves.