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Molasses & Lemon*, Courage, Incendio*, Linea*, Shoot Me Nicely

  • Mt. Rainier Lions Theater 27726 Washington 706 Ashford, WA, 98304 United States (map)

Molasses & Lemon | 4 min | Directed by Robert Sickels, USA (Filmmaker in Attendance)

The interviews in Molasses & Lemon vividly reveal the ways people talk about their experiences with love and heartbreak are often eerily and intimately related. Could it be that we simply can’t have one without the other? 

Courage | 4 min | Directed by Jean-Luc Julien, Germany

A man struggles to overcome his nervousness with women in a bar when he stumbles upon words of wisdom in the bathroom.

Incendio | 6 min | Directed by Slater Dixon, USA (Filmmaker in Attendance)

Anything can happen in the world of online dating, and everything does when a mismatched couple meets on an ill-fated blind date. Sparks fly and passion erupts; but will they kill each other, or fall in love trying?

Linea | 15 min | Directed by Will Cuddy, USA (Filmmaker in Attendance)

While his less-than-faithful girlfriend sleeps in the car, Theo watches two young lovers fondle each other in the parking lot of a gas station. As his tank fills, he is forced to reflect on a relationship gone wrong, and the unique position in which he now finds himself. He’s stuck, and it’s nobody’s fault but his own.

Shoot Me Nicely | 19 min | Directed by Elias Plagianos, USA

Shoot Me Nicely starring John Behlmann, William Sadler, Linda Hamilton and Tasie Lawrence, is the story of a fashion photographer who loses his elite magazine job, plunging him into a downward spiral of odd jobs and celebrity chasing. 

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