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Empty Platform - Lose You*, Mixed Blood, Brothers, Underneath the Sound*, TMSR ENCORE

  • Mt Rainier Lions Theater 27726 Washington 706 Ashford, WA, 98304 United States (map)


Empty Platform - Lose You | 4 min | Directed by Mackenzie Glisson, USA

Lose You is an electronic/ambient song off of Nathaniel Closen's electronic name, Empty Platform. The music video will be a story of a young man who gets high, and through a series of flashbacks and some foreshadowing, the story is revealed of how he wreaks havoc and causes pain in the lives of those he loves.

Mixed Blood | 23 min | Directed by Roy Arwas

Alexia and Matt are hosting their very first Thanksgiving dinner. Both of their parents will be attending this years festivities. As if that wasn't stressful enough, Alexia's parents are vampires. Matt must do everything in his power to protect himself and his parents from Alexia's blood-sucking family

Brothers | 6 min | Directed by Randy Kerr, USA

Set in the Pacific Northwest, three brothers find refuge and redemption from a troubled home through their love of fly fishing for steelhead and the enduring relationships they forge on the river.

Underneath the Sound | 13 min | Directed by Olga Nikulina, USA

"Underneath the sound" is a narrative short film about hearing loss told through perception of music. We follow the journey of a musician as his hearing deteriorates and hear music from his point of view. We also meet a child whose mom is not aware that her small son has a hearing problem and is about to miss the critical moment for his speech development.