• Short Documentary | 7 min 28 sec
  • Directed by Amber Cortes, USA 

Lucha Libre, Mexico’s version of wrestling and it’s second-most popular sport, also has a small following in the United States - mostly Mexicans who grew up with the sport and some gringos who are drawn to the acrobatics and theatrics of the sport, along with the mysterious masks, and the chance to become a superhero (or a villain!) in the ring. 

Lucha Libre Volcanica is the only Mexican wrestling training facility in the Pacific Northwest. Located in rainy Renton, Washington, the small but growing gym brings in luchador hopefuls from all over the region, and one particularly dedicated contender who doesn’t quite fit the mold…

Meet Avispa. She’s small, she flies, and in the ring – all the guys are afraid of her. She’s the Pacific Northwest’s first and only fully debuted female professional luchadora. Follow along with the story of how Avispa - a college student by day and a luchadora by night – runs, jumps, kicks, and finds her way through the ranks of Lucha Libre.